Flow Meter Stardex 0102 is designed to test on a

test bench Common Rail fuel pumps and injectors

by various manufacturers such as

Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens, Caterpillar

and others.

Stardex 0102 is a ten-channel flow meter that

measures delivery and backflow of one pump and

up to four injectors in different operation modes

and displays information in digital and graphic

form on built-in LCD-monitor with touch-screen

control buttons on it.

In the device there are four channels to measure injector delivery flow, four channels to measure injector recovery flow, one channel to measure pump delivery flow and one channel for measuring pump backflow.

Flows may be measured in liters per hour, liters per minute and in liters per fixed number of beats (strokes), on the operator choice.

In the delivery kit there is included RPM-sensor for measuring test bench rotation and counting strokes. Measurement results are displayed on the monitor

Stardex 0104 is a version without the screen, for using in pair with Stardex 0304.