Stardex 0304 is a novelty device based on large experience in professional common rail system simulators.

Stardex 0304  kit is suitable for almost every kind of HPFP test-benches. It extends your test-bench with the most modern testing equipment for common rail pumps, injectors, pressure sensors and regulators.

Stardex 0304 supports Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Continental (Siemens), Caterpillar common rail systems.

The device has:

 *3 independent pressure regulator channels,

*6 channels for electromagnetic and piezo injectors,

*1 pressure sensor input,

*keyboard, mouse,

*built-in high-performance computer with Ubuntu Linux operating system,

*modern software with intuitive user interface.

The  database contains over 2300 test-plans for Common Rail electromagnetic and piezo injectors and pumps...


Manual_0304_eng_Re_2.pdf Delphi_coding_Stardex_0304__Stardex_0102_Eng.pdf